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Jeff Smith

Creative Director

e: jeff@jpmedia.com.au

“I thrive on being creative – thinking outside the box is central to everything I have achieved in my career. I bring a creative approach to corporate organisations and I’m relentless when it comes to creating and facilitating opportunities.”

Patrick Anderson

Managing Director

e: patrick@jpmedia.com.au

“Hard decisions need to be made and there is no point going round in circles for days on end. I believe in picking the best option and backing yourself in. I’m determined to create effective communication strategies that deliver lasting results.”

Jassa Amir-Lang

Digital Director

e: jassa@jpmedia.com.au

“I strive to always be on the forefront of interactive development. I’m passionate about building beautiful, functional products and pride myself on my creative approach to development and my ability to deliver.”

Nathan Pana

Lead Designer

e: nathan@jpmedia.com.au

“The most beautifully executed designs begin with clear and precise direction. I’m committed to finding out what users want and designing for their needs. I mix research data with sustained design trends to ensure the best outcomes across all channels.”

Emma Altschwager

Senior Consultant

e: emma@jpmedia.com.au

“I have an insatiable hunger for news and love discovering new ways to tell it and platforms to share it. I love creating engaging content and valuable connections for clients so their stories have impact and drive increased awareness.”

Ryneisha Bollard


e: ryneisha@jpmedia.com.au

“I believe good writing is about drawing the reader in, leaving no questions unanswered and telling people what they need to know in the most effective way possible. My passion for the written word helps clients get their message across to a wide audience.”